Heritage of Manor Estate Wines, Winery, Wedding, Function and Luxury Accommodation Venue in McLaren Vale

Our Heritage and Wine-Making Philosophy

When university graduate and father of three, Peter Cap, first built his gracious McLaren Vale home on a vacant block of land, local residents wondered what was to come and were surprised to see a period-style building that matched the area’s wine-producing claims to fame taking shape. At the time, his primary aim was to create a wonderful home for his family. But it wasn’t long before Peter began to have big dreams that would embrace his love of Wines at their Best, uniting it with his scientific background and business acumen.

The first milestone in this transformation took place in 1992 when the Manor Estate Brand was officially launched and along with it, Peter’s plans for the production of wines he knew would be among the best the area, and the world, had to offer.

Peter’s outgoing personality and thirst for knowledge ensured that his wine brand benefited from relationships with the area’s top growers and vintners, and this was supplemented by his existing knowledge of wine production and the links between the winemaking process and his knowledge of organic chemistry.

His dedication to naturally aged wines and superb quality meant that the 2002 production of the Estate’s first wines would only be launched sometime later. Meanwhile, the wine would mature gently and beautifully within authentic French oak barrels while the specific strain of French yeast preferred by the finest vintners gradually fermented the wines to the level of perfection Peter was seeking.

This original vision, combined with a winemaking philosophy that minimises the use of additives and allows natural fermentation until the wine reaches the peak of its flavour, remains at the heart of Manor Estate Wine producing methodology, and the results speak for themselves.

Since our early beginnings, Manor Estate Wines have earned multiple awards and accolades, have taken New York by storm, and have made their mark at home and abroad as Australian Wines for the most discerning of palates. We remain dedicated to producing quality over quantity and will continue to exceed the expectations of our loyal following of wine-lovers both at home and abroad.